Graduates in their 40s who started their own businesses

Mr. Takashi Hori

Representative Director of Leap Co., Ltd.

Graduated from Meiji University
Completed the Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering in 2016.

The seed of a business sprouted from AIIT.

I started my own company while studying at AIIT after accelerating the execution of my plans.

I joined AIIT in anticipation of starting my own company in the future. Starting a company requires the creation of attractive services not available at the time. I wanted to acquire new knowledge and unique skills that would further develop my expertise in personnel development and organizational reforms, which I had accumulated over many years. I considered the two years at AIIT as preparation for starting a company. I planned on contemplating what business to realize before completing the course. However, a year and a half after enrolling at AIIT, I started my own company. This was something that I accomplished at unexpected speed.

Looking back, I think I felt this would happen soon after enrolling in the program. Soon after the career guidance I received when I was less than secure about being a student as a professional, the classes were filled with fresh surprises and hints that directly linked to work. Coupled with the serious attitudes of my classmates, who were very eager to study, AIIT's intense training curriculum brought a sense of intellectual tension into the classroom. This atmosphere sharpened my motivation to start my own company.

I built a new service through my classwork.

My antenna became sensitive to detecting new ideas from the class, which then led to business after starting my company. For example, from the quality engineering and reliability engineering classes involving statistical analysis and bigdata analysis, I got the idea to develop a method of evaluation and analysis for clarifying the challenges of skill development, as well as a way to apply the design method of monozukuri and kotozukuri, such as human-centered design, to personnel education training. In addition, I had an inspiration of the basic idea for the current services offered by my company.

Through these studies, I organized the characteristics of the services I wanted my company to offer. Also, through the lectures, which emphasized the practical and academic foundations, my sensitivity from my experience was endorsed by the learning with solid evidence, which supported my confidence and assurance in the directionality of starting a business.

Learning through PBL helped realize the achievements.

The educational program that my company currently offers as personnel development solutions was constructed from a PBL project I worked on in the second year.

For companies to achieve results and develop personnel at the same time, I believe it is effective to design training based on theories and logic and implement active learning. PBL was a great place for me to realize these effects once again. After personally achieving and experiencing results, I can now offer my company's educational program as created through PBL with confidence.

I believe I would not be at where I am today without the professors, classmates, and the learning environment of AIIT.