Entrance Examination Q&A

Are graduates of foreign universities eligible to take the entrance examination?
Individuals who have completed a 16-year course of schooling in a foreign country can apply. In any case, individuals must submit to a prior examination of their eligibility to apply to be conducted by the school. Please consult the application guidebook for details.
Can foreigners also apply? In addition, my Japanese skills are poor. Will I be able to follow the lessons?
Foreign students may also enter the school. Note however, that as is a graduate school, it is essentially aimed at those who possess a level of academic abilities comparable to a university graduate. Moreover, as Japanese is used in classes and textbooks, students will require a Japanese proficiency sufficient to keep up with classes.
Do the completion requirements involve producing a master's degree dissertation?
Producing a master's degree dissertation is not a requirement. The second-year curriculum requires taking Information System Studies – Special Seminars I, II and III, which are conducted as project based learning (PBL) exercises.
Does the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology have correspondence courses?
The school does not offer correspondence courses.
Does the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology have dormitories?
The school does not provide dormitories.
How does a professional graduate school differ from a conventional graduate school?
Traditional graduate schools are geared primarily towards the development of researchers, and generally provide research guidance. On the other hand, while professional graduate schools offer professional instruction aimed at cultivating high-level specialists, where they differ greatly from traditional graduate schools is in the absence of research guidance. For that reason, in addition to research professors, a professional graduate school offers practical education taught by professional teachers with experience and aptitude working in their chosen area of expertise. Moreover, since professional graduate schools offer only specialist degree courses as an alternative to traditional master's degree courses, faculties and doctoral courses are typically not established.
How was the hiring of professional teachers determined?
Through document and interview screening, the people best suited to the institutional objectives of the school were hired from among a number of applicants found through open recruitment and recommendations from firms.
If I cannot earn enough credits in two years, up to how many years may I stay enrolled? What happens to tuition fees in such cases?
Students may generally stay enrolled up to four years. Enrolling for four years would require that tuition fees be paid for four years. The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology offers a long term study program to students who have difficulty completing the course within the standard study years (two years) for personal reasons such as jobs, childcare or long-term nursing care and who are planning to finish the course in three years.
In what ways does the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology relate to measures for small-to-medium-sized enterprises?
The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology was established with the purpose of developing high-level expert technicians who possess the motivation and skill to invigorate industry in Tokyo. For example, this means developing human resources capable of transforming a small-to-medium-sized business from a subcontracting base into to a specialized company, or capable of founding a new business (start-up firm). What's more, the graduate school runs extension courses, provides information relating to the latest industrial technology and also conducts joint research with businesses.
There is said to be a shortage of IT engineers, but what kind of human resources are lacking? There seem to be many system engineers.
Rather than professionals with specialized skills in a particular field such as system engineers, it is IT engineers capable of managing and running business affairs in a comprehensive manner through a focus on, or expertise in IT that is in short supply. Engineers who possess a broad outlook with the ability to link IT to business value, or leverage IT to design new business propositions, are in demand.
What are the class hours like?
With an eye towards providing class hours that enable working people to juggle their work and study commitments, classes in the Master Program of Information Systems Architect are held from 6:30 p.m. to 9:40 p.m. on weeknights, and during the day from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays. In addition to weeknights and Saturdays, classes in the Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering are also held from the afternoon on weekdays, providing a study program that corresponds to the lifestyle of the students.
What is the quarter system?
The quarter system, under which the academic year is divided into four semesters, has been introduced to enhance learning effectiveness through intensive study over a short period. The school has established a curriculum that allows students to complete courses in two or three months, with lectures for each course are held twice a week.
What is "PBL"? Please provide some concrete examples.
Unlike traditional educational programs which focus on knowledge transmission, PBL (project based learning) is a practical educational program through which students utilize and apply knowledge through project-based experiences using real-world examples. Groups made up of several students work to resolve the problem assigned to them as a project. In addition to receiving guidance from teachers, a feature of this method is the many opportunities to learn from other members through cooperation among project members. In the Master Program of Information Systems Architecture, for example, practical classes are held where students work to solve problems such as program development, job analysis, system proposals and maintenance control processes as if they were actual company projects. These classes serve to entrench knowledge as skills.
What kind of jobs are graduates expected to land?
Those who complete a Master Program of Information Systems Architecture are expected to land positions at IT-related or other firms as IT department program managers, IT architects, or to operate as entrepreneurs. As high-level expert technician "monozukuri architects" who organize groups of specialists in the manufacture of products, those who have completed a Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering are expected to engage in a position as a marketer in the planning division of a firm, or to take a pivotal leading role as a hands-on employee in a development division.
What kind of system is the professional graduate school program?

The professional graduate school program was launched in March 2003 as a graduate school for the training of advanced professionals and high-level businesspeople. The professional graduate school comprises:

  • fields associated with professional qualifications such as national certifications, similar to law schools
  • fields which necessitate the cultivation of human resources having certain high-level occupational expertise, such as in the areas of public health and medical administration
  • fields which necessitate the cultivation of human resources to meet global standards, such as in the areas of business administration and technology management.
What sort of students is the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology geared towards?
In principle, the graduate school is geared towards the likes of graduates of technical colleges and undergraduate courses, those who have finished graduate school studies or working people (engineers, university graduates), each of whom aspires to become a high-level expert technician in the field of IT or manufacturing.
What type of program is the Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering?
This program aims at training "monozukuri architects," who have the ability to organize specialists in the manufacture of products and lead innovation by exploiting technology to create new value. This is founded on the philosophy that seeks a transition from traditional manufacturing that advances in pursuit of functionality alone, to one which also incorporates sensitive design. Students can earn a Master of Technology in Innovation for Design and Engineering through an educational program aimed at acquiring management basics, enhancing skills in generating concepts and manipulating forms, and the design and embodiment of function.
Will I be ineligible to take the entrance examination if I have not graduated from a four-year university?
As this is a graduate school, essentially, only graduates of four-year universities are eligible for admission. Students may not gain admission without a bachelor degree. However, out of consideration for those possessing a wealth of actual business experience, should the school deem an individual's experience to be equivalent to graduation from university, it may allow that person to apply.