Message from the President

AIIT is a school that attracts students with high aspirations.

President, Seiichi Kawata (images)
President, Seiichi Kawata

”Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
----- Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

  We have now switched from a two major system (Master Program of Information System Architecture and Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering) to a one major (Master Program of Industrial Technology) with three course system (Information Systems Architecture Course, Innovation for Design and Engineering Course, Business Systems Design Engineering Course). We have been pursuing a mission to nurture two types of human resources: “information architects” who are advanced IT engineers with management capabilities, and “monozukuri(production) architects” who provide technologies as value and bring innovation to the industrial field. Now, we are also going to be nurturing “business innovators” who will take on creating value through founding companies and businesses, starting new businesses in a company, and business succession.

  Students are mostly professionals ranging from newly hired employees of Japan’s representative corporations to senior managers and CEOs of venture companies to those who bear the future of small and medium enterprises. These highly motivated professionals, with recent college graduates together, study at AIIT and diligently pursue their studies day after day. Some graduates have started businesses after striking out on their own from this place of learning.

  The key point is that we provide an education on both the practical and experimental levels. The technical issues we face in the real world are not training exercises. Each problem requires a solution that comes from different and comprehensive technologies. Issues in the real world are not so simple like they can be resolved by acquiring systematic knowledge as provided by a traditional graduate school. On the contrary, real issues are cumbersome and complex so that it might even be difficult to understand their essence, if one were only to rely on traditional knowledge. At Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, in order to nurture human resources that can solve real world issues, the school offers classes that feature a large number of case studies and Project-Based Learning systems, in which the students will acquire practical business competency.

  I look forward to welcoming students with high aspirations. 

Professor, Dr. KAWATA Seiichi
President of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology