Message from the President

AIIT is a school that attracts students with high aspirations.

President, Hiroshi Hashimoto (images)
President, Prof. Dr. HASHIMOTO Hiroshi

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
----- Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Our school is a professional graduate school founded by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and its purpose is to nurturing highly-skilled experts with advanced and specialized knowledge and skills who are capable of carrying out work in the field of industrial technology both in Japan and internationally.

Our Master Program of Industrial Technology consists of three courses: the Business Systems Design Engineering Course, which trains into business innovators who create value through starting businesses, creating new intra-firm projects, and succeeding family businesses; the Information Systems Architecture Course, which trains information system architects who are advanced IT engineers equipped with the ability to manage the upstream processes of information systems; and the Innovation for Design and Engineering Course, which trains “monozukuri (production) architects” who create values by integrating design, AI, and data science technologies.

Our school consists of faculty members who are capable of conducting academic research and conveying practical knowledge of the industrial world. We offer not only research but also educational program for students to acquire abilities that demonstrate new value in the field of industrial technology.

Our school values diversity. Our students have diverse backgrounds, such as working engineers and supervisors, new university graduates, business executives, and entrepreneurs. The qualities, knowledge, skills and abilities of the career models we produce are interdisciplinarily diverse. Each person has diverse creativity, individuality, and values. We accept this diversity and practice our own unique education, research, and social contributions.

By enrolling in our school, you will receive new inspiration and awareness from interacting with such diverse values. You will realize the importance of deep learning and your talents will take hold as you learn. We will send out human resources into the world who can use their talents to improve society, the environment, and values.

I look forward to seeing you on our campus.

Professor, Dr. HASHIMOTO Hiroshi
President of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology