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AIIT Library

  The library of the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology collects, organizes, provides, and restores academic information and houses arround 25,000 books in specialized areas.

  In addition to offering an open online book search system, the library has been working to introduce an online book database and e-journals inside and outside of Japan while supporting the document research of users.

  The library is open to students, graduates, and engineers working in Tokyo and the neighboring Keihin area.

Message from the Director of Library

Director of Library Professor Hideki Murakoshi, Ph. D.

  The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) Library was established in 2006 together with the university. The library provides access to intellectual assets covering a wide range of levels, from basic to expert, to fulfill its mission as a university library to develop advanced experts who will lead Tokyo’s industries.

  A university library must provide more than just traditional library services; it must play a role closely in tune with the times, given the advancement and diversification of research activities and constantly evolving information technologies.

  To fulfill this role, the library is open late until 11:00 pm on weekdays in consideration of non-traditional students.

  The library also has ample seating and bookshelves spread across its expansive 1,000 m2 floor area. Its collection of around 25,000 volumes covers the university’s focus areas of IT, business administration, management, and engineering and design, among others. This collection has been registered into a database that can be searched online.

  In addition to this extensive collection, the library provides free access to some two million works from the libraries of Tokyo Metropolitan University and Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology. The library is digitally linked to the collection owned by the National Institute of Informatics (NII), and has a borrowing and copying services agreement with other participating institutions. Students can also borrow works or request copies from the National Diet Library.

  Furthermore, the library is open to graduates from the university along with engineers and technicians working for businesses in Tokyo and the Keihin district in order to contribute to the development of the local community. From the synergistic effects with various programs organized by the university, the library is forming an intellectual community made up of the university and the local community.

  The library will continue to build its network of information and materials as a foundation for the accumulation and utilization of knowledge produced both inside and outside the university.

Professor, MURAKOSHI Hideki, Ph. D.
Director of Library,
Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology