Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We collect, use, and manage personal information properly in accordance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Personal Information Protection and work to build a site all users can feel secure about using.


“Personal information” refers to addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other personally identifying information provided to the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology.

Collection of personal information

As a general rule, the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology collects personal information voluntarily provided (registered) by users via this website.

  • The purposes of personal information collection will be specified.
  • The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology limits the collection of personal information to what is necessary to achieve the purposes specified to users.

Restrictions on the use of personal information

The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology uses personal information provided (registered) by users only for the purposes specified in advance. The relevant implementing bodies will never use this personal information outside the purposes of collection, nor will this personal information be provided to any parties other than the implementing bodies, unless otherwise specified by the Ordinance.

Handling of personal information

This website’s administrators will handle all collected personal information securely and carefully and take proper measures to prevent wrongdoing such as the leak, misuse, or alteration of that information.