Information Systems Architecture Course

About the Information Systems Architecture Course

  The Information Systems Architecture Course trains information system architects: a variety of advanced IT professionals and engineers for development of information systems that can be used in the frontline of information systems development.

  Information systems architect is a general term that covers various advanced IT professionals and engineers for the development of information systems and the occupations of a range of human resources of “strategist”, “system architect”, “project manager” and “technical specialist” in the Common Carrier Skill Framework (CCSF) .

The course has established career models and recommended subjects for each of these human resources.

  • Strategist model
  • System architect model
  • Project manager model
  • Technical specialist model

Three Policies

Diploma Policy

Curriculum Policy

Admissions Policy

Credits and Requirements for Completion (Information Systems Architecture Course)

In this AIIT course, students can obtain a degree by fulfilling the completion requirements shown below.

1. Be enrolled for at least two years (for long-term study program students: at least three years for April enrollees, and at least two years and six months for October enrollees)

2. Earn at least 40 credits (at least 14 credits in compulsory subjects, at least 26 credits in elective subjects. A total of up to 8 credits from subjects completed in other courses will be approved for the completion requirements.)

* Compulsory subjects are as below.

  • 1 subject in Elective Compulsory Subject Group (2 credits)
  • PBL:Advanced Exercises: Information Systems1 (6 credits)
  • PBL:Advanced Exercises: Information Systems2 (6 credits)

Degree Awarded

Master of Technology in Information Systems (Professional)