Business Systems Design Engineering Course

About the Business Systems Design Engineering Course

  The Business Systems Design Engineering utilizes engineering design and optimization techniques rather than subjects offered by conventional degree programs such MBAs and MOTs to introduce business management knowledge and scientific techniques to the field of industrial technology.

  The visions for the human resources to be developed through this course are “entrepreneurs in the industrial technology field, industrial technology leaders with scientific management capabilities, managers who can ensure the success of new businesses, human resources who carry forward breakthrough businesses, and business innovators who can create value that enhances business reliability.” We foster business innovators who are advanced professionals creating new industries through entrepreneurship, business establishment and business succession.

  The Business Systems Design Engineering Course delivers an educational program that supports creation of new industries in the target field with the knowledge and skillset that needs to be acquired by human resources aiming to be a business innovator.

The course has established career models and recommended subjects for each of these human resources.

  • Entrepreneurs model (Starting business/Establishing an enterprise)
  • Intrapreneurs model (Intra-firm New business/projects)
  • Business succession model (Family business/Second founder)

Three Policies

Credits and Requirements for Completion (Business Systems Design Engineering Course)

  In this AIIT course, students can obtain a degree by fulfilling the completion requirements shown below.

  1. Be enrolled for at least two years (for long-term study program students: at least three years for April enrollees, and at least two years and six months for October enrollees)
  2. Earn at least 40 credits (at least 14 credits in compulsory subjects*, at least 26 credits in elective subjects. A total of up to 10 credits from subjects completed in other courses will be approved for the completion requirements.)

* Compulsory subjects are as below:

  • 1 subject in Elective Compulsory Group (2 credits)
  • Advanced Exercises: Business Systems Design Engineering 1 (6 credits)
  • Advanced Exercises: Business Systems Design Engineering 2 (6 credits)

Degree Awarded

Master of Technology in Business Systems Design Engineering (Professional)