Career Development Support

Career Development Support

At AIIT, our mission is to develop professionals for the business community as information system architects and monozukuri architects. AIIT considers it important to develop competent professionals through practical education and to link competent people thus developed to the business community where they can play an active role.

The AIIT Career Development Office introduces specific job opportunities to students who have acquired professional level knowledge and competencies so they can leverage and further develop their knowledge and competencies through work experience. The Office identifies and cultivates a variety of employment opportunities for students and then provides each student with individualized career development support.

Specifically, the Office offers the following support:

  1. Develops a diverse array of career options in collaboration with industrial bodies, local governments, the Tokyo metropolitan government, and other relevant organizations.
  2. Considers the system for students to gain actual work experience such as dual system (a system for working in a corporation in the area of expertise while studying at a graduate school) mainly for students who are new university graduates.
  3. Provides students with fine-tuned career counseling and guidance most appropriate for their respective circumstances.
  4. Establishes a system to grasp the latest status of graduates’ career changes and offers career counseling.

Career Development Office

The Career Development Office provides students with all the necessary materials for employment and academic advancement opportunities, including information on job offers from companies and company brochures. Students can use the office to search for information. The office also provides job counseling and guidance to students.

Career Development Office

Track record of career development support activities (Academic year 2016)

April Employment status survey
May First career development guidance [Start-up Seminar (Summer internship guidance)]
June Second career development guidance [Start-up Seminar (Resume making)] [For international students]
June Third career development guidance [Industry research guidance]
July Fourth career development guidance [Job-hunting guidance]
July Fifth career development guidance [Preparation for employment examination]
October Sixth career development guidance [Self-analysis seminar]
November Seventh career development guidance [Comprehensive seminar for employment examination]
November Eighth career development guidance [Individual interview preparation seminar For International students]
December Ninth career development guidance [Application form preparation seminar]
Februaly Tenth career development guidance [Individual interview preparation seminar-Practice / Lecture of experience by alumni]
Academic advancement survey and employment status survey
As needed Consultations with career counselors

Employment Situation

Most students in the Master Program of Information Systems Architecture have full-time jobs. In terms of careers, most students are already involved in information systems in one way or another, and they continue to be actively involved in this field after completion of the master’s degree program.

Apart from working students with full-time jobs, half of the students in the Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering consist of new graduates from engineering universities and design colleges or graduates of advanced courses at colleges of technology. Most of the students enrolled in the master’s degree program straight from universities and colleges find employment with companies in the manufacturing industry.

In both of these master’s degree programs, there are many businessmen-turned teachers who have abundant work experience in the real business world, and they offer detailed career counseling and guidance to students. The AIIT Alumni Association was formed in 2008 with AIIT’s first graduates, and the Alumni Association provides an opportunity for alumni and incumbent students to deepen interactions with one another.

The employment rate for the entire school is 87.6% as of March 31, 2017.
*The students with jobs at the time of enrollment are included in the employment track record.

Some of corporations/organizations that graduates received an official job offer (Academic Year 2016) (The order of the Japanese syllabary)

  • NTT DATA Smart Sourcing Corporation
  • Canon Inc.
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • Japan Holiday Travel CO., LTD
  • Trust Tech Inc.
  • Nisshin Seifun Group Inc., etc.