Career Design of AIIT Graduates

Studying at AIIT, Career Design of AIIT Graduates

Studying at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) means to pursue and master the practical skills necessary to succeed in society and to design new career paths.

We asked graduates who completed their studies and who now play active roles in society to share with us what prompted them to study at AIIT, what they learned at AIIT, and how they were doing after graduating.

What did AIIT graduates learn and how do they translate what they have learned into a career?
This section presents their voices by categorizing their views into three types: graduates who aim for a higher level, those who will start a new path by using their new knowledge as a turning point, and those who will start their own businesses to materialize their ideas.

Through the personal experiences of these graduates, you will begin to understand the significance of studying at AIIT.
The success of the AIIT graduates introduced here might serve as role models for you.