Funded Research and Joint Research (AIIT Solutions)

The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) understands the needs of the industry, which are reflected in the curricula. Through the practice of effective educational research in collaboration with the industry, AIIT aims to foster highly skilled professionals who possess exceptional competencies. Based on the objectives of its establishment, AIIT hopes to actively collaborate with industry. Corporations are encouraged to take advantage of the intellectual resources of our teaching staff.

AIIT Solutions

More than half of the faculty members at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) are practicing educators who were involved in the actual work of solving problems and providing solutions at companies. Their view is targeted to facing the "Issues of people, organizations, and society," as they continue their search for solutions. We encourage research with a strong awareness of providing solutions that integrate scientific knowledge even for research-type educators. These points are one of the features of this school.

We have now compiled the Leaflet for Supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, which introduces the research by our faculty members to primarily help small- and medium-sized enterprises in solving problems. Together with our teaching staff, we hope this will work as a reference for those facing actual difficulties and contribute to the analysis of problems, surveys, integration of elemental technologies, and project management.