AIIT Research Centers

As a professional graduate school, the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology aims to deepen the research fields and share research results with society. The following research centers established at AIIT dynamically respond to social needs.

Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Service Science

【Director of Research Center: Professor MATSUO Tokuro, Ph. D.
 Business Systems Design Engineering Course】

While incorporating cross-sectional and multidisciplinary perspectives, the research center aims to become the driving force in next-generation artificial intelligence studies to provide effective support to social activities.

Epistemic Research Institute of Social Ethics

【Director of Research Institute: Professor MAEDA Mitsuhiro,
 Innovation for Design and Engineering Course】

The research institute aims to pursue the desirable state of today's society, where the aspect of industrialization and the information-oriented aspect for modernization overlap, being mainly based on the methodology of information sociology.

Centre for the Research of Emergent functions in Artifacts and Technological Enterprises

【Director of Centre: Professor YOSHIDA Satoshi, Dr. Eng.
 Business Systems Design Engineering Course】

Today, there is a sense of stagnation in innovation proposed by many corporations and organizations. The centre makes an attempt of exhaustive logic development from the functional aspect, which was not deeply discussed in the past.

Smart System Laboratory

【Director of Centre: Professor TOBITA Hiroaki, Dr. Eng.
 Information Systems Architecture Course】

Research Institute of Medical Information

【Director of Centre: Professor KOYAMA Hiroshi
 Information Systems Architecture Course】

AIIT Algae Institute

【Director of Centre: Professor MURAKOSHI Hideki, Dr. Eng.
 Innovation for Design and Engineering Course】

Institute for Startup Accelerator

【Director of Centre: Professor ITAKURA Hiroaki,Ph.D.
 Business Systems Design Engineering Course】

Advanced Software Engineering Laboratory

【Director of Centre: Professor CHUBACHI Yoshihide,Ph.D.
 Information Systems Architecture Course】

Behavioral Science Laboratory

【Director of Centre: Associate Professor HOSODA Takaaki,Ph.D.
 Business Systems Design Engineering Course】

Research Center for Industrial Design

【Director of Centre: Associate Professor ITO Jun,Dr.Eng.
 Innovation for Design and Engineering Course】

Research Center for Applied Engineering of Space Technology

【Director of Centre: Professor SHIMAZU Keiko, Dr.Systems Engineering, Dr.Policy and Media
 Information Systems Architecture Course】