OPI Activities for Industrial Development

About the Open Institute (OPI)

Objectives of OPI

AIIT established the Open Institute (OPI) for AIIT to share the results of education and research with society and to offer curricula that reflect the needs of society and the business community in a timely manner regardless of academic credentials. The OPI provides a platform for AIIT faculty members and students to interact with the local community and industry.

OPI provides a number of practical specialized courses, seminars, forums, and study groups geared for corporate business managers and engineers, as well as AIIT students. The institute is also actively engaged in joint research with companies that have the desire and motivation to positively promote industry-academia-local government collaboration. OPI promotes projects in cooperation with local government offices in the neighboring areas.

Message from the Director of OPI

Director of OPI, Professor Nobuki Ebisawa

OPI will offer a research center open to the local community and the business community.

Universities are expected to fulfill three major roles: one is to provide advanced education to develop human resources who will lead the next generation, and the second role is the pursuit and accumulation of knowledge through cutting-edge research. Another major role is to share the results of its education and research to contribute to the development of society.

As a public university, the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology aims to create and inherit the wisdom rooted within the community. The university is expected to serve as a center for the development of the local community and industry. AIIT established the Open Institute (OPI) for AIIT to conduct practical activities. OPI is a research center open to the public. The Institute aims to facilitate close communication between the university and local community through a variety of activities and to encourage them to jointly solve problems to meet individual needs within the local community. One example is that a local corporation set up its research center within OPI to promote research and development. The company forms a project team consisting of faculty members, students and graduates to plan and implement an industrial-academia collaboration project. In this way, OPI provides a wide range of collaboration opportunities according to needs and challenges. In addition, OPI is actively engaged in joint research, funded research, and other study groups. Because AIIT is a professional graduate school for professional students, our student body possesses skills and experiences in various professional fields. It is possible to engage in unique research by taking advantage of a global network with universities overseas.

Today, society and the economy are going through a period of major changes. The advancement of an information-oriented society, called the fourth industrial revolution, is bringing major changes to the necessary technologies, the industrial structure, and the social framework. These changes in society suggest further changes in the whole concept of ethics besides the shift in techniques and business models as corporations. In order to cope with the drastic changes in the business environment, our OPI has four research centers actively working, and they are to link to a global network of intelligence experts to promote new research activities and solve problems within the local community and industry. The first one is the Network Service Platform Laboratories, which aim to realize and utilize a competitive internet service platform. Secondly is the Epistemic Research Institute of Social Ethics, which studies the ethics needed in response to social changes and to explore the modern concept of corporate compliance and governance. The third one, the Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Service Science, which organically manipulates the evolving AI technology, IoT and so on to facilitate further multidisciplinary research in the service science sector. The last one is the Centre for the Research of Emergent functions in Artifacts and Technological Enterprises, which logically researches on the innovation, being demanded nowadays by many corporations and organizations from the functional aspect.

OPI at AIIT not only shares research results with the local community but also provides an extremely valuable opportunity for AIIT to determine new social needs and demands within the industry for further development of research. We believe that these interactions will further increase our significance as a research center open to the public. We hope to hear from corporations and institutions seeking research and development, as well as the development of human resources, that adapt to and stay ahead of the changes of the times. Please feel free to contact OPI.

December 1, 2017

Director of OPI
Nobuki Ebisawa