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Industry-academia-government Collaboration Center

About Open Institute

AIIT established the Open Institute (OPI) to provide a forum for AIIT to share the results of our education and research with society and offer courses that reflect the needs of society and the business community and represent a different objective from that of the common academic courses. The OPI also provides a forum for AIIT faculty members and students to interact with the local community and industry.

The OPI provides a number of practical specialized courses, seminars, forums, and study groups geared for corporate business managers and engineers as well as AIIT students. The OPI is also actively engaged in joint research activities with companies that have the desire and motivation to positively promote industry-academia-local government collaboration. The OPI promotes projects in cooperation with local government offices in the surrounding areas.

Industry-academia-government Collaboration Center

 The importance of a university's role in making a social contribution has been recognized together with its function as a center of education and research.

 The primary role of the Industry-academia-government Collaboration Center is to connect the companies that form the industrial community of Tokyo with their various organizations and to return to society the results and the intellectual property of the advanced academic study conducted at the university.

 Specifically, we provide coordinators who facilitate industry-academia-government collaboration as well as an administration office to provide consultation concerning intellectual property. We also accept applications for joint research, contract research, technological counseling, and other issues, introduce the research results, and organize a range of different types of exhibitions and lectures. In this way, we engage in activities that enable the university to make a social contribution.

Example: Specialized Course Development of Personnel to Manage Business in Monozukuri Industry
(offered in 2009 in collaboration with the Tokyo metropolitan government)

Example: Specialized Course Development of Personnel to Manage Business in Monozukuri Industry

Specialized Course Development of Personnel to Manage Business in Monozukuri Industry

The business environment is changing rapidly and drastically due to economic globalization, severe price competition, resource shortages, environment problems, and frequent changes of laws and regulations. Companies must develop new and flexible business models based on new or original technologies staying ahead of customer demands. The purpose of this course is to focus on monozukuri business management that can turn technology into the means to achieve economic value and to develop monozukuri professionals with an advanced level of knowledge and practical business execution skills. In collaboration with the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs of the Tokyo metropolitan government, AIIT supports ongoing revitalization efforts and the sustainable development of monozukuri companies.

Course Outline to Basic Course

Course Description
Oct. 3(Sat)
・Monozukuri Marketing: True Value Created by Technology plus Something Extra.
・Orientation: Introduction and Key Points of OPI Course
・Introduction to Monozukuri Business Management: Problem-Solving Process
Shinagawa Seaside Campus of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
Oct. 7(Wed)
・Innovation Management I: Business Development Strategy
Tosei Electrobeam Company Limited
Oct. 15(Thu)
・Innovation Management II: Research and Development Strategy
Elionix Inc.
Oct. 19(Mon)
・Solving Problems between Human and Environment: All You Need to Know about Environment to Common Sense about and Practical Guide to Environment
・Solving Problems between Human and Human I: How to Facilitate Recruitment Activities and Project Launch!
・Solving Problems between Human and Human II: Management of Stress Resulting from Understanding and Respect of Diversity
Akihabara Satellite Campus of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
Oct. 28(Wed)
・Monozukuri Management Accounting: Business Analysis from Perspective of Management Accounting
Akihabara Satellite Campus of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
Nov. 10(Tue)
・Safe, Secure Monozukuri: Design and Management to Ensure Product Safety
Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.
Nov. 19(Thu)
・High Quality Monozukuri: Learn How to Build in Quality at Factory Floors
Yamatake Corporation
Nov. 26(Thu)
・Research and Development (R&D) Leadership I: Leadership in Development of New Solar Battery
・R&D Leadership II: Management of Technology (MOT) Training
・Wrap-Up of Basic Course: How to Systematically Organize Knowledge
Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.