2013.10.15Three projects from AIIT were awarded for “Robot Service Contest utilizing RSNP”.

Narita Project members: (from left side of the picture) Ms. Obara, Mr. Morita RSi Chairperson, Mr. Osawa, Mr. Sato, Mr. Fujita, Prof. Narita, Mr. Asakura

Kato Project members: (from left side of the picture) Prof. Narita, Mr. Morita RSi Chairperson, Mr. Ohashi, Mr. Miura, Prof. Kato, Mr. Ochiai, Mr. Saito

Tsuchiya Project members: (from upper left) Mr. Morita RSi Chairperson, Mr. Miura, Mr. Ohashi, Mr. Ochiai

Three projects in the field of Master Program of Information System Architecture at AIIT were awarded for “RSNP(Robot Service Network Protocol)** Robot Service Contest”, which was held at Tokyo Metropolitan University Osawa Campus in September 6th 2013, main-hosted by Robot Service Initiative (RSi*) with co-hosts; The robotics society of Japan, The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers SI Division, and Robot Business Promotion Council.

RSNP contest was held with an anticipation in that the fusion of internet and robot , and/or new business models. Through this contest it is aimed to provide fascinating robot service, accumulate knowledge/experiences, mutually develop the field of robot as well as software and strengthen JAPAN's international competitiveness.

The awarded projects are:

(1) Award by The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers SI Division
Narita project was awarded in the "realization of real-time voice communication using RSNP".
Currently, to implement a voice communication and controlling service robots, two different knowledge is required, however, is barrier to developers. This research realized an integration of the voice communication and the robot control by extending RSNP. As the result, it is now possible to easily develop even without professional help of voice technology, the robot service using the voice service.

(2) Award by Technical Committee on Robot Service utilizing the network, in the Robotics Society of Japan

Kato Project proposed “RSNP Server Container” and awarded. It was highly evaluated for its outcome of the research development. It uses Linux Containers (LXC) which is OS level virtualization technology and provides the environment of RSNP server side as all-in-one for each visiting OS guest. This technology has been proposed due to the increase of the fact which is seen as delay of the development in the environmental maintenance as the developers of robot service expand into diversity.

(3) Award for APEN (Asia Professional Education Network)

“Monitoring Infant System” presented by Tsuchiya project was awarded. It proposed the concept of system for watching over babies, which is the combined system of Roomba and Android tablet.

The project, which was proposed as the co-operative project between University Brunei Darussalam and AIIT, was highly evaluated in that it was RSNP’s international development and co-operative work with the overseas university.

*RSi is the industrial association for robot service which is organized by the major robot developing companies such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Ltd., Fujitsu Ltd. Yasukawa Electric Corporation and contents providing company of Japan Weather association.
NED and APEN are also co-sponsors of this contest.

**RSNP has a communication protocol specification for robot service which is capable of simply and effectively connecting to the service on internet. It provides the fundamental functions of robot service via internet such as “communication function”, “robot control”, “multi-media function” and “information providing function”.


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