Message form the Head

Professor, Satoshi Yoshida, Dr. Eng.

  The Master Program of Industrial Technology consists of three courses. These three courses are the Business Systems Design Engineering Course, in which students aim to acquire the skills to create the businesses of the future, the Information Systems Architecture Course, in which students aim to acquire the advanced IT skills required by society, and the Innovation for Design and Engineering Course, in which students aim to acquire the design and engineering skills that are essential for “monozukuri (production).” These courses are designed to develop the human resources required by modern society. The curriculum for the program is designed so that students acquire basic knowledge and learning through a variety of lectures and classes in addition to increasing their practical business execution skills through Project Based Learning (PBL).

  To achieve this end, the instructors for the program range widely from researchers in fields that match program objectives to specialists with extensive practical experience. There are no lab-based affiliations in the program, and students can connect equally with any instructor. Motivated students can learn a lot from a number of instructors, and can also gain diverse opportunities. This means that if students work hard, they can access many possibilities.

  In addition, our students have diverse backgrounds, and are expected to provide rich stimulation for each other. We believe learning with classmates who are diverse in age, experience, and area of knowledge makes it possible to study in an environment students have never experienced before.

  Within such a learning environment, students are expected to become a human resource with advanced professional knowledge and skills and the ability to play an active role in society and globally. I look forward to working hard together.

Professor, YOSHIDA Satoshi, Dr. Eng.
Head of the School of Industrial Technology,
Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology