AIIT Library

 The library of the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology collects, organizes, provides, and restores academic information and houses more than 20,000 books in specialized areas.

 In addition to offering an open online book search system, the library has been working to introduce an online book database and e-journals inside and outside of Japan while supporting the document research of users.

 The library is open to students, graduates, and engineers working in Tokyo and the neighboring Keihin area.

Message from the Director of the Library

Director of Library Kiyoshi Sakamori

Serving as a base of continuing study for highly skilled professionals

 The processing of information is categorized into calculation, communication, and recording. Tracing the history of information recording, the invention of recording technologies, such as languages, characters, books, printing, and digital, removes the constraints of time and place for voice transfer, which was the primary communication method. Today, information is accurately recorded and accumulated as intellectual properties to easily pass on to other generations.

 As with remarkable ancestors who are geniuses, I must say that it is exceptionally difficult to uniquely innovate new rules, algorithms, and thoughts. It is relatively easy to capture the opportunity for profound thoughts from intellectual properties, such as the records of information and books, left by ancestors while studying systematically. This is the process of accumulating and inheriting knowledge. In this process, libraries play the role as the storage of accumulated knowledge.

 The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology is for a public graduate school and was established to develop highly skilled professionals who will be the leaders of the industries in the nation's capital, Tokyo. And the library of such AIIT offers a broad range of intellectual properties from the basics to specialized materials. It has an area of about 1,000 square meters and is equipped with bookshelves and reading chairs in a spacious room. In consideration of AIIT's specialized fields, the library houses 20,000 books in the areas of information technology, business administration, management, engineering, and design. The library catalog is managed in a database, and users can search for books on the Internet. Users can easily access two million books housed at Tokyo Metropolitan University and Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology under the same corporation free of charge. In addition, lectures at AIIT are recorded on video and stored so that students and graduates can watch the recorded lectures online up to ten years after graduation.

 Aiming to contribute to the development of the local community, the AIIT Library is open to engineers in Tokyo and the neighboring Keihin area, as well as graduates of other programs and schools. Because training classes and other events held for external engineers at AIIT generated a synergistic effect, multiple communities of engineers were formed today, functioning as space for realizing collaboration of wisdom. Moving forward, AIIT's library strives to improve the academic environment to fulfill its role as a base of continuing study for highly skilled professionals.

Director of Library
Kiyoshi Sakamori