Message from the Chairman of the Management Advisory Council

the Chairman of the Management Advisory Council

Be a person who plays a key role in making Japan more competitive.

While a host of Japanese corporations set up business enterprises overseas primarily in the manufacturing sector in the past, we expect to see all types of small and medium-sized enterprises, including the service sector, advancing into foreign markets on a full scale in the coming years. In particular, the focus of attention will be on the role of the information system sector, which creates the industrial infrastructure, and the 21st century manufacturing sector for the realization of a sustainable society. This requires developing and carrying out a project that can contribute to solving problems by thinking outside the boxes of traditional methodology with the goal of bringing innovation to society. In other words, society seeks professionals who can combine highly technical knowledge with the skills and competency to carry out the project to drive the world economy in the future. I believe that the educational goal of the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology is to foster students to be industry-ready in such a society.

As an advanced professional educational institution established with the aim of equipping students with practical and reasonable expertise, there are growing expectations for AIIT to fill the gap between advanced education based on theories and practical operations in corporations. I hope that AIIT continues to produce a wealth of excellent professionals sought by the business community to meet the needs of the IT and monozukuri fields by integrating sensitivity and functionality. I look forward to seeing professionals who can improve Japan’s competitiveness in the capital city of Tokyo as a starting point.

Takayuki Hashimoto
Chairman of the Management Advisory Council
Honorary Executive Advisor, IBM Japan, Ltd.