Message from the President

President, Seiichi Kawata

President, Seiichi Kawata

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever."
Mahatma Gandhi

 Welcome to the Graduate School of Industrial Technology, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
 Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology was founded in April 2006, and began a new era with the offering of the Master Program of Information Systems Architecture, which seeks to equip IT professionals with the skills to help solve the many issues that industry confronts. In April 2008, we started the Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering, to give designers and engineers the skills they need to provide technology as value and to deliver innovation to industries. Our programs are designed for working professionals and graduate students who seek to obtain the latest knowledge and outstanding competence in information systems architecture and innovation for design and engineering.

 Let me mention some of the benefits and features of our School. The key point is that we provide education on both practical and theoretical levels. The technical issues which we face in the real world are not exercises. Each problem requires a solution that comes from various technologies. Issues in the real world are not so simple they can be resolved only with the acquisition of the systematic knowledge provided by a traditional graduate School education. On the contrary, real issues are so cumbersome and complex that it is difficult even to understand their nature if one is only equipped with traditional knowledge. To equip students with the ability to solve these real issues, the School offers classes that feature a large number of case studies and project-based learning systems. This enables students to obtain the practical business skills that information architects need, so that they become the so-called "mono-zukuri" architects who are expert in both design and engineering.

 In addition, the quarter system has been introduced to provide accelerated learning. In the quarter system, the academic year consists of four quarter units and lectures for each course are held twice a week, which enables students to complete the course in approximately two months, instead of the customary half year under a normal schedule. Although the more intense courses are a burden for the professors, they enable students to remain motivated and to concentrate on their studies. As a result, students can intensively acquire professional knowledge and skills.

 The School has set a class schedule geared to the busy lifestyles of its students. It is possible to study after work in the evening and obtain a master's degree. To enhance the benefits of learning, the latest systems have been introduced to record all classes and enable students to review the material at any time. The School is fully equipped with a library, a study theater and laboratory, allowing busy working students to concentrate on their study in a calm atmosphere.

 To give students even greater confidence, the faculty members have outstanding practical experience and a strong research background. The professors who provide practical tuition have all demonstrated a high level of business aptitude and have impressive track records at vendor and/or user companies. These characteristics make the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology an attractive institution for professional study. Here, students range from new university graduates to working students and entrepreneurs seeking to bolster their skills, representing a wide cross-section of students of diverse ages and occupational aspirations, coming together to study and achieve their dreams.

 I look forward to welcoming any student who aspires to become a leading specialist.

Dr. Seiichi Kawata
President of Graduate School of Industrial Technology,
Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology