School Introduction

Message from the Dean

Yoshie Kunisawa

The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology was founded in April 2006 as a professional graduate school in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The Institute consists of the School of Industrial Technology, and although only one program was offered in the beginning, a Master Program of Information Systems Architecture, the Institute added another Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering in 2008; now, the one school offers two master’s degree programs.

Master Program of Information Systems Architecture
This program prepares information architects for an active role as highly expert technicians in various IT fields of information system development.

Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering
This program provides students with innovative design skills by integrating design and engineering wherein students can acquire the skills to produce new products and services.

The mission of the School of Industrial Technology is to offer both courses and research in the theories and applied studies of a given discipline as the school seeks to emphasize the acquisition of in-depth knowledge and expertise, which students must have when pursuing a career that demands a high degree of expertise, as well as to develop human resources equipped with well-rounded personalities with the originality to contribute to the promotion of industries and the promotion and development of the lives and culture of citizens living in Tokyo under the code of the school. The school takes advantage of its expertise and systematized, hands-on technological experience to educate expert technicians who possess the motivation and skills to create new value and contribute to vitalizing industry.

To that end, the school implements a unique educational method that was developed at the time of its foundation, and through continuous development, the school works to prepare students for careers requiring the skills, expertise, and competencies (practical skills) that are truly useful in the real world. In the first year, students participate in active-learning lectures to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills as expert human resources. In the final year, instead of writing a master’s thesis as the completion requirement, a team of students sets clear objectives to work on projects as similar to actual work as possible, known as a PBL (Project-Based Learning) type special courses. This PBL educational method was uniquely systematized as the AIIT PBL Method and serves as the pillar of the school’s educational system and its major characteristic. In addition, the school offers a variety of unique structures and receives recognition as an advanced education system and academic environment by accreditation and other external evaluations. (The following explains the school’s major structure.)

Guarantee of educational quality and diploma supplement

  • Improvement of faculty quality and educational method through FD (Faculty Development: Systematic educational improvement activities as a university)
  • Issuance of a diploma supplement (certificate of academic knowledge acquired by students) as the first graduate school in Japan

Response to globalization

  • Implementation of global PBL with Vietnam National University
  • Formation of a network of higher industrial human resources development programs in collaboration with leading universities in Asia

Academic environment that facilitates learning

  • Implementation of blended learning that incorporates repetitive learning by recording and face-to-face classes
  • Introduction of the quarter system, where students achieve results intensively in the short term
  • Introduction of a long-term completion system that allows completion in three years and the AIIT credit bank system that allows students to acquire credits prior to admission

In addition, starting from academic year 2014, with the aim of responding to the academic needs of a wide range of students, the Institute established an enterprise architect course to prepare human resources who are acquainted with enterprise creation and the development of new business to expand program offerings. The school welcomes visitors so that they can experience the value offered by the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology.

Yoshie Kunisawa
Dean of the School of Industrial Technology,
Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology