School Introduction

Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering

Message from the Head

Hiroshi Hashimoto, Dr. Eng.

The Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering, as its English name suggests, educates engineers who can achieve the smart integration of design and engineering to produce innovations.
Today, design not only skillfully brings together shape, color, materials, textures, and light, but also takes into account the perspectives as to whether the products designed are easy to adopt and use. In addition, the design thinking from a perspective of improving the mutual relationship of products, social environment, and people is in increased demand in the age to come.
Engineers use their knowledge of engineering, natural science, and humanities and social science to find solutions to making sophisticated artificial objects, such as vehicles, household appliances, welfare and medical devices, robots and the development of plants and infrastructures. In the days to come, similar to design, the future calls for a new type of engineering for people and the social environment to sustain a good relationship.
The new intellectual production activities we envision are to discover a new type of production process, utilization, and manufacturing through the wise integration of design and engineering. This further indicates the social significance of taking part in bringing new value to the future, which is to bring about innovations.
To foster engineers for innovations, students in the Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering are taught by a team of experts who offer well-developed lectures and seminars. The program’s excellent learning environment helps students focus on practical design and engineering activities. The Designer’s Lab is equipped with such learning tools as a three-dimensional measurement device and a three-dimensional printer for creative exercises. Our Yume Koubo (Dream Studio/Factory) offers a large open space where students can freely express their ideas, engage in discussions, and make crafts to embody new ideas. Besides the classes on campus, students conduct studies in local governments, corporations, research institutions, and business establishments not only in Japan but also overseas.
We envision our graduates flourishing as MAKERS who can start their own business by making use of the Internet and digital devices to bring their ideas into commercial reality. Also, some graduates design cities and towns of near future by demonstrating their skills in corporations, government offices, and NPOs, and then there are those who take part in the design and development of personal mobility for near-future cities in 2020 within a leading manufacturer while others utilize the Management of Technology (MOT) learned at AIIT to develop and operate massive, complicated plants and infrastructure facilities unique to Japan, ensuring safety and security.
The students come from diverse academic backgrounds in design, science and engineering, and the arts. Although they have weaknesses, they study design and engineering to become one-of-a-kind monozukuri engineers. Why not study in our master’s program and take on the challenge of seeing how far you can go? Our role is to support your endeavor.

Hiroshi Hashimoto, Dr. Eng.