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Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering

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Hiroshi Hashimoto

Head, Professor

Hiroshi Hashimoto

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Head, Professor

Introduction to the "Monozukuri" Architect, System Integration in Mechatronics, Service Engineering, Science and Engineering Simulation

Research Interests
System measurement and control, Human-machine-society system, Vision, Sensing technology
  • June 1990 Doctor of Engineering from the Department of Science and Engineering Waseda University
  • April 1988 - March 1990 Research Associate at Department of Science and Engineering of Waseda University
  • April 1990 - March 2008 Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor at Tokyo University of Technology
  • June 1990 – March 1993 Visiting researcher at Department of Science and Engineering of Waseda University
  • April 2005 –March 2006 Visiting researcher at The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
Research Topics
Support technology for high quality of human activity, Autonomous distributed system, Human friendly robot, Advanced human interface, Vision, Welfare equipment, Intelligent manufacturing, Sensing technology, e-Learning and e-Training
Publication list (Book)
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  • C.Ishii and H.Hashimoto: Passivity-based Robust Control of Electrically-Driven Bilateral Teleoperation Systems ; Nonlinear Control Systems with Discontinuity: Theory and Practive, Tielong Shen (Editors),Tsinghua University Press, 2007
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Publication list
  • Jin-Hua She, Yasuhiro Ohayma, Hiroshi Hashimoto,Improving Disturbance Rejection Performance Based on an Equivalent-Input-Disturbance Approach,IEEE,IEEE Transaction on Industrial Electronics,vo.55, No.1,pp.380-389,2008
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Academic Societies' Experiences and Other Activities
IEEJ, Industrial Applications, Research Committee of Support Technology for Elderly's high quality activity, Chairman
Japan Society for Simulation Technology, Research Committee of Natural Bio-Computing, Member
Japan E-Learning Society, Board member
  • 2004 IEEJ-D activity service prize
  • 2004 SICE Conference of System Integration, Best presentation for "On Assist for Unstable Control of Human"
  • 2007 Japan E-Learning Society Annual Conference , Incentive prize