School Introduction

The Second AIIT IT and Design Engineering Solution Contest
[October 22nd ~ November 9th]

The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) is a public professional graduate school that educates highly skilled professional engineers who can contribute to the activation of industries by capitalizing on their professional knowledge and structured technical expertise. The Master’s Degree Program in Information Systems Architecture nurtures professional information architects who can actively participate in the design, development, and management of information systems. The goal of our Master’s Degree Program in Innovation for Design and Engineering is to play the central role in the field of design engineering by training the professionals to become monozukuri (manufacturing) architects who can lead the development that integrates sensibility and function. We are holding a contest to discover and train the professionals of the future.
Continuing from the previous year, AIIT is sponsoring the IT and Design Engineering Solution Contest that integrates IT technology and monozukuri technology.
The contest is open to all students studying at higher educational institutions in Japan, as well as in other Asian countries. Adults are also welcome to participate in the contest.
We look forward to receiving entries to the contest.Please see the Application Guideline for the details.

October 22nd (Mon) ~ November9th (Fri), 2018


Solution design for the 100-year-life

With the advancement in healthcare due to the development of science and technology, half the Japanese born in 2007 are predicted to live to the age of 107. Today, we live to be more than twice the average life expectancy of the Japanese (age 30 to 40) in the Edo period. This calls for the need to consider our long lives with an eye to living to the age of 100.
What measures do we need for us to enjoy an active and productive life? The following are examples:

  • Welfare system to support the life of the elderly
  • Efforts for a new work-life balance to live to 100 years
  • Services, products, etc., to support people through life from the cradle to the grave

By expanding your perspective, we would like you to suggest ideas for the realization of society where people can learn and grow together throughout their lives.


All work must be unpublished and based on a novel idea, and conform to the theme above.
In addition, please conceive feasible work, which can be commercialized with the technology in near future. Each person (or group) can only submit one work. A person cannot belong to multiple groups.
Please see the Application Guideline for the details.


JAPAN: A student of a graduate school, university, junior college, technical school (regular or specialized/non-degree course), high school, or vocational school anywhere in Japan.
Outside of Japan: Students of higher education institutions in China, Korea and ASEAN countries with universities that are members of APEN.*1
Professionals who agree with the admission policy of AIIT. *2
A group of students or professionals who meet the qualifications stated (1) to (3) above

*1 About APEN (Asia Professional Education Network): This international organization was established under the guidance of AIIT in 2011 with a goal of developing PBL education programs, the advanced industrial personnel development methods, in university (graduate school) education, and increasing the use of these methods throughout Asia. Today its membership includes universities from 14 countries (Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Singapore, the Philippines, Brunei, Myanmar, and India).

*2 For details, please refer to the AIIT website (


Grand Prix (one): Certificate worth 300,000 Japanese yen
AIIT Award (multiple): Certificate worth 50,000 Japanese yen for each winner
* Withholding tax will be deducted from prize amount.