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Master Program of Information Systems Architecture

Faculty members

Masahiko Narita


Masahiko Narita

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Internet Platform Technology, Standardization and Intellectual Property Strategy, Ubiquitous Platform Technology, Advanced Exercises: Information Systems1, Advanced Exercises: Information Systems2
Research Interests
Distributed system software platform and its application, GUI・Internationalization, these standardization
Academic background
Master of Mathematics from Waseda University, 1980
Professional career
08~ Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology Information system architecture, full-time professor
80~08 Fujitsu Limited(Software group, strategy and planning division, project director)
Research theme
Distributed system: Standardization and interoperability verification for Web Service, messaging. Application for Electronic Commerce, local government IT platform, and Robot Service.
Research result list
Main books
  • CORBA and Java Distributed Object Technology Masahiko Narita, Yasutaka Honishi, Akiyoshi Katsumata Masayoshi Shimamura, Makiko Shimamura SRC 97
  • CORBA and Java Distributed application implementation technology  Masahiko Narita, Atsushi Yoshida, Akiyoshi Katsumata Masayoshi Shimamura, Makiko Shimamura, Yasuaki Sugino SRC 98
  • Introduction to Business Object Tetsuji Imajo, Matsuki Yoshino、Masahiko Narita, Atsuko Ishida SRC 00
  • SOAP/WSDL/ebXML Web service application development technique Masahiko Narita, Kazuto Fujioka, el. SRC 02
  • XML business white paper 2004 Kezo Okabe, Yuki Makino, Masahiko Narita, John Bossac, el, Sho-eisha 04
  • Open system technologies IT top-gun project(co-authored) Nikkei BP 07
Standard specifications
  • Protocol Specification for the Distributed Input System on the X window System Version 11 UNIX International 92
  • The Input Method Protocol Version 1.0 X consortium Standard, X Windows System V11R6.1 93
  • ebXMS Interoperability Test Common Specification 02 ECOM
  • ebXML Interoperability Test Specification Part I: ebXML Service 2002 ebXML Asia Committee
  • Technical Standard( ebXML) Guidebook Part I eBXML Message Service Deployment Guide 05 ECOM, JAPAN
  • RSi protocol specification Version 1.0 co-authored 06 Robot Service Initiative
Main Papers(chronological order)
  • Overview of the Input Method Protocol  Masahiko Narita, Makiko Shimamura 93 The X Resource Issue TEN,p125-p140 O'Reilly & Associates, Inc
  • DOPG Cross-Vendor Interoperability Tests of CORBA/OTS and EJB Masahiko Narita, Yasushi Fujii, Toshifumi Shiraishi, Makiko Shimamura, Hiroyuki Arakawa, Takuya Ono, Shinjiro Yagi, Takashi Kaneko, Isao Akiyama, Jun Furusawa, Akira Andoh, Naoki Ishihara, Masao Sato, Hisao Suenobu 02 OMG
  • RoboLink :A Robot Collaboration Protocol based on Web Services Masahiko Narita、Keitaro Naruse、Makoto Oya) ICAM04 p442-448
  • Loose Robot Collaboration over the Internet  Makoto Oya, Keitaro Naruse, Masahiko Narita, Taku Okuno, Masahiro Kinoshita, Yukinori Kakazu 04年 Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics Vol16 No.6
  • RSi : Robot Service specification on a network Masahiko Narita, Ryota Hiura 05 RSJ Vol.23 No.6 2005
  • Reliable Protocol for Robot Communication on Web Services Masahiko Narita, Makiko Shimamura, Makoto Oya 05 2005 International Conference on Cyber world, p210-217,
  • Reliable Robot Communication on Web Services  Masahiko Narita, Makiko Shimamura, Makoto Oya  Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 06 Vol.18 No.1, 2006
  • Developing a B2B-EDI messaging specification for SME and its standardization M.Narita, T. Kasai, K.Iwasa, 06 Journal of IEICE D  Vol.J89-D No.10
  • Verifying the Reliability of Web Services Interactions using a Test Tool and Contribution on the Standardization Activity M.Narita, Y.Fujikawa, M.Shimamura, K.Iwasa, S.Yashiro 07 7th IEICE Technical Report
  • Verification for the Interoperability of Web Services for Municipality Systems M.Narita, M.Shimamura Journal of AIIT Vol. 1, pp.71-78(2007)
  • Interoperability Verification for Web Service based Robot Communication Platforms, M. Narita, M. Shimamura, K. Iwasa, and T. Yamaguchi, Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, December 15-18,2007,Sanya, China, p1029-1034
  • Verifying a Web Service based Reliable Robot Infrastructure Masahiko Narita, Makiko Shimamura, Sadao Yashiro, Kazunori Iwasa, Toru Yamaguchi Vol. 12. No.1,p77-p84, 2008 Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Informatics
Public contributions
Contribution to societies in JAPAN
  • 07~ I3E 8th IFIP Conference on e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society, September 24-26,2008 Program committee member
Standardization /Other Committees
  • 92~95 MIT X consortium mltalk chair
  • 94~ JEITA Software platform technical committee chair
  • 00~08 JCP (Java Community Process) J2EE/SE Executive Committee member (US)
  • 03~08 e-Business ASIA Committee Interoperability Task Group c0-chair (ASIA)
  • 04~ Robot Services Initiative Technical lead
  • 05~08 OMG (Object Management Group) Board member (US)
  • 06~ SPIA (Forum on Service Platform for Information Appliances) Reliable Web service SIG chair
Other public contributions:
  • Through OASIS, he took a great role to realize the global standard for Web Service technology, specially Reliable Messaging. Also, he actively promoted the interoperability among the standard based products.
  • At the same time, he promote Application/Service for Web Service to various industry such as local government system and Robot industry.
  • He took a technical and strategic lead to develop CORBA based 1st application server product in JAPAN, contributed standardization / interoperability through OMG, and DOPG in JAPAN.
  • He contributed to development on GUI platform for Unix, and its internationalization. Also he contributed international standardization activities through X/open, Unix International and OSF. Particularly , he joined as the leader for Xwindow internationalization project and designed/developed X windows internationalization function in MIT X consortium. This has been used as Linux and/or Unix GUI in world wide use.