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Master Program of Information Systems Architecture

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Yoichi Seto


Yoichi Seto

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Information Security,Risk Management, Secure Design Methodology, Information Systems ArchitectureI, Advanced Exercises: Information Systems1,2
Research Interests
Information Security, Risk Management, Privacy Protection, Biometrics
Prof Yoichi Seto received the Ph.D. degree from Keio University 1990. and he worked for Hitachi in 1979, and is assigned to the Systems Development Laboratory and held the director of Information Security Research Center and Business Center, and also the Chief Researcher successively. He is presently Professor at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology. His current research interests are the technology and social aspects of information security, privacy protection and biometrics. He is the Japan NB's Chairman of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37 and Chairman of Biometrics Security Consortium of Japan. He has a lot of technical books on information security and biometrics.