Innovative Educational Framework

Course System

Study Tailored to Personal Lifestyles

The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) is home to a diverse array of students, from university graduates who have just finished their first degree to people who earn their own living. The AIIT actively embraces systems that enable students of various lifestyles to equally enjoy satisfactory study experiences. For example, classes are held mainly on weeknights (certain classes are held in the afternoon) and on Saturdays. Also, students can view the details of recorded lectures even from remote locations via the e-learning system. In July 2008, satellite classrooms are scheduled to open in Akihabara, which we are planning to connect with Shinagawa Campus so that remote lectures can be provided.

* Remote lectures are scheduled to start from FY 2009.

Quarter system, for focused study

Graduate school education conventionally adopts the semester system to cover a broad-based curriculum in a certain period of time. The Institute employs the quarter system that divides the year into four terms, allowing students to acquire expert knowledge and skills in a short, concentrated period.

Every course offers two classes per week, and is complete within about two months. The quarter system provides working students the advantage of finishing a course in a short period of time. We adjust the quarter schedules every year.

Three-Year Program

The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology offers the Three-year Study Program to students who have difficulty completing the course within the standard study years (two years) for personal reasons such as jobs, childcare, or long-term nursing care of elderly family members and who are planning to finish the course in three years. This program allows students to complete the course in three years. The total tuition fees are the same as the two-year study programs (if the tuition fees are revised during the three years, students will be charged additional fees based on the revised tuition fees from the academic year in which the new fees are introduced). Applications for the Three-Year Program are available only during the admission procedures, and the Institute has a strict quota. Once admitted to the Three-Year Program, students are not permitted to shorten or extend the period of the program.

The AIIT Academic Credit Bank System

The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) had added the AIIT Academic Credit Bank System to its conventional study model to provide greater diversity in study models. By using the AIIT Credit Bank, individuals constrained by time, such as those who work for a living, are able to earn a degree by undertaking studies in a systematic fashion that is tailored to their lifestyles.

What is the AIIT Credit Bank System?

  • The AIIT Academic Credit Bank is a system through which credits earned as a non-degree student are accumulated and can then be used when enrolling in the school as a regular student. *1
  • When enrolling in the school as a regular student, credits accumulated in the AIIT Academic Credit Bank can be certified as regular student credits. *2
  • When enrolling as a regular student, an amount equivalent to the tuition fees paid as a non-degree student can be deducted from the tuition fees payable following regular enrollment. *3
  1. *1 There is a limit on the total number of individuals who may use the AIIT Academic Credit Bank. Additionally, it may not be possible to take subjects for which there have been many course registrations.
  2. *2 The validity period for credits accumulated in the AIIT Academic Credit Bank is five years. Students who sit for examination and complete regular enrollment within five years of earning the credits will have the credits recognized as regular student credits.
  3. *3 By completing the procedures for an Application for Reduction and Exemption from Tuition Fees following regular enrollment, students can have the tuition fees for their first year of regular enrollment reduced by an amount equivalent to the number of credits certified as regular student credits multiplied by the non-degree student tuition fees paid for each credit. Also note that if tuition fees have been revised, the tuition fees following the revisions shall be applied.

Study Model through the AIIT Academic Credit Bank

Study Model through the AIIT Academic Credit Bank

Click here for information on admissions as an AIIT Academic Credit Bank System user (non-degree students)

AIIT Academic Credit Bank System Leaflet (PDF: 6.2MB)

The Lecture Assistance System (e-learning)

AIIT is proactive in providing students with lecture assistance using an e-learning system. All lectures are recorded on video,and students can view the videos even from remote locations. The lecture assistance system also serves as a support mechanism for working students who have time restrictions, allowing them to ask questions about lectures and submit assignments. (In order to earn credits and academic degrees, students must attend regular classes.) Through this system, students can view the latest recorded lectures free of charge up to ten years after graduation. A video library of recorded lectures is compiled at AIIT. By making the effective use of the video library, AIIT has launched a system where recorded lectures in the video library are available to graduates free of charge for as long as ten years after graduation (called AIIT Knowledge Home Port System) so that they can obtain the updated information on rapidly advancing industrial technology through the e-learning video library.

■ Mechanism of Lecture Assistance System

The Lecture Assistance System (e-learning)

KHP (10-Year Free Lecture System)

This Institute is equipped with a video library of classes. Our system allows students who have completed the course to use it free of charge for ten years after graduating so that they can make effective use of it as e-learning content about rapidly advancing IT technology. (AIIT Knowledge Home Port System)

Certified Lecturer System

The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology has implemented the Certified Lecturer System in which we register individuals who have highly expert knowledge as Certified Lecturers. We request our Certified Lecturers to give lectures or classes at AIIT whenever the opportunity arises. Graduates of the Institute, part-time professors and non-Institute professors are eligible for this system.

When certified as a registered lecturer at the Institute, the individual receives the title of Certified Lecturer of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AITT) and the privilege to use the Institute Library and other facilities as necessary.
Those who wish to register as lecturer of the Institute may fill out the following application forms and apply to the address below by mail.

Mail to:

Indicate “Application for Certified Lecturer” in red on the front of the envelope.
Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
ATTN: General Affairs/Accounting, Administration Section, Administration Department
1-10-40 Higashi Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0011
Tel: 03-3472-7831 Fax: 03-3472-2790