Innovative Educational Framework

Improvements in the Quality of Education

Class Evaluation by Students and Faculties

Class evaluation by the students

To provide feedback into the techniques of future education as well as to check the level of student understanding, the school issues to the students class evaluation questionnaires. The school shows these questionnaires to faculties and asks them to recommend action plans to resolve the issues. In this way, the school aims to improve the quality of the classes.

Mutual class verification by faculties

The school has developed a system under which all lectures are videotaped, thereby allowing the faculties to see the lectures presented by other faculties. The school utilizes this system to improve the teaching methods and the content presented in classes

FD Forum

As a project to improve the faculties’ classes and teaching techniques, the school holds the FD Forum regularly every year. In the FD Forum, the school organizes lectures provided by external experts, discussions with members of the Practical-level Officer Council of the Operation Advisory Council, as well as other events.

FD report

The school publishes the results of the class evaluation questionnaires issued to students and the AIIT FD Report, which summarizes the FD activities, such as the status of the FD Forum. These materials are distributed widely to the faculty members and students as well as external related organizations. Providing information on FD inside and outside of the school to share an awareness of FD is beneficial to the education provided by the school.