Innovative Educational Framework

Improvements in the Quality of Education

n information systems and manufacturing, technological innovation and market trends change rapidly. To respond to these changes, companies require their engineers to have different qualities and capabilities. With the aim of educating high-level specialists who can inject vitality into industry, the school stays abreast of the latest technical and management trends and provides research into education that reflects the trends. In addition, the school provides PBL to educate work skills (competencies).

Japan is yet to accumulate an adequate number of practical examples for use in the PBL educational method. For this reason, we expect the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology to play a role as a pioneer in the development of PBL.

For the reasons mentioned above, the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology recognizes that it is crucially important for the school to improve the characteristics of the faculties. To this end, the school has established the FD (Faculty Development) Council to actively promote FD activities in the school.

What is FD?

FD is an acronym for Faculty Development and refers to the activities to improve organizational education taken by the university.