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Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering

PBL Themes

List of PBL Themes for Academic Year 2012

Visions and examples of social infrastructure services seen from potential of service engineering and resilience engineering
Seiichi Kawata
Synthesis of new materials and application in compact machines
Yoshinori Kanno
Design promotion activities modeled on the Minato Ward design usage support project
Yoshie Kunisawa
Proposal and development of new products and services that support safe and secure lifestyles
Shigeomi Koshimizu
Study on personal transportation
Noboru Koyama
Proposal and development of new products utilizing benefits acquired from size and weight reduction
Toshitake Tateno
Motion design for interactions between humans and objects for future generations
Hiroshi Hashimoto
Dynamic design in urban areas 2030
Tetsuo Fukuda
Products for feeling of a sense of mastery derived from computer-controlled operation and usage
Hideki Murakoshi
Innovation in urban life
Satoshi Yoshida
Dissemination of APEN model and human resources development systems for advanced industries in Asia
Mitsuhiro Maeda

PBL Theme List for School Year 2011~2009 (Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering)