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The 10th AIIT Design Contest [October 24th ~ November 25th]

The 10th AIIT Design Contest

At AIIT (Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology), to promote a better understanding of the concept of Monozukuri that integrates sensibility and function to achieve innovation, and to discover and nurture the design professionals of the future, we will hold our 10th Design Contest calling for designs that will lead to new products and services.

Please see the Application Guideline for the details.

  • Application Guidelines ( PDF file )
  • Application Form and Summary of Work ( Word file


October 24th (Mon) ~ November 25th (Fri), 2016


Tokyo is a city that hosts a great many people, particularly with the number of international visitors and tourists on the rise. In this context it is important to consider the concept of communication—what we want to say, what we need to say, and how we say it.
In line with this central idea of communication, use your understanding of esthetic design and functional design to create something that is innovative, realistic, and above all practical.


All work must be unpublished and based on a novel idea, and conform to the theme above.
Also the work must be feasible and be capable of being commercialized using existing technology within two to three years.
*Each person (or group) can only submit one work. A person cannot belong to multiple groups.


(1)JAPAN: A student of a graduate school, university, junior college, technical school (regular or specialized/non-degree course), high school, or vocational school anywhere in Japan with interest in industrial design.
(2)Outside of Japan: Students of higher education institutions in China, Korea and ASEAN countries with universities that are members of APEN.
(3)Young adults who have been in the workforce for no more than three years since graduating from a university or other educational institution as defined in (1) or (2)
Works can be entered by individuals or groups.


Grand Prix (one): Certificate worth 300,000 Japanese yen
AIIT Award (multiple): Certificate worth 50,000 Japanese yen for each winner
* Withholding tax will be deducted from prize amount.

The Grand Prix of the 9th AIIT design contest

Sandwich the time

“Hasamu (Pinch)” (Key words:Pinch, Nip, Hold, Insert)
Sandwich the time
Syo Sakiyama
Kyoto University of Art and Design
<At the time of application>

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