School Introduction

Master Program of Information Systems Architecture

Example of projects in PBL (Project Based Learning) exercises

List of PBL Themes for Academic Year 2012

Research and development of next-generation mobile network services
Yuka Kato
Mastering the software process through platform software development
Chuzo Akiguchi
Management methodology for software development projects
Yoshihide Chubachi
Planning and strategy development of Internet service platforms
Masahiko Narita
System development utilizing open sources
Hiroshi Koyama
R&D on automatic extraction of privacy-protection items through multimedia SNS mining
Shigeru Shimada
Information strategy and proposal on business process reengineering (BPR)
Yoshio Tozawa
Development and verification of assessment methods of impact on privacy
Yoichi Seto
Simulation and research on medium-scale contracted system development project
Kiyoshi Sakamori
Dissemination of APEN model and human resources development systems for advanced industries in Asia (jointly with students of Master Program of Innovation for Design and Engineering)
Mitsuhiro Maeda

PBL Theme List for School Year 2011~2007 (Master Program of Information Systems Architecture)