School Introduction

Master Program of Information Systems Architecture

Information architects work for large and complex program development projects and undertake a range of activities that use information technology as useful tools for better businesses. They design not only programs and information systems but also new approaches to business procedures. Information architects are also required to have the management skills to supervise projects and to monitor all processes including system operations. This Program trains students in these expertise and skills.

  To accommodate the diverse career paths of students, this Program offers the five sub-courses listed below. These courses are designed to almost perfectly meet the standards required by the Ver. 3 of the Skill Standards for IT Professionals. They are also tailored to the standards of the "Career and Skills Common Framework (tentative)," which has been discussed in the Information Economy Sub-committee of the Industrial Structure Council.

  • Project Management
  • Security
  • Network
  • Database
  • Software Development
  • CIO/ Management

The recommended classes that students are required to take depend on the course. Please refer to the model curriculum.